An Eight part documentary Series



Borderless, Season 1

Chronicling the journey of one man traveling the world on a mission to uncover the truth about some of the most dangerous places on earth. Ali Karim is a United States based doctor who left his job as a hospital physician to find and expose the reality of conflict zones and remote locales not shown in the daily news cycle in order to raise awareness for their plight. Over the course of eight episodes, Ali enters war zones, refugee camps, election riots, closed borders, and many other situations no normal visitor would dare encounter. Join him on this life changing and inspiring expedition as he brings the voice of the voiceless straight to your homes.


Filmed across every inhabited continent and 76 countries over the span of four years


Unfiltered first person coverage of the countries realities straight from the individuals affected


Interconnected with NGO, Global Shout, to conduct multiple humanitarian projects globally

Ali helping family
War Zone


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Global Shout is a US based non profit organization founded in 2005 that operates projects internationally of varying scope and purpose. Our mission and work are guided around the principle of providing opportunities to those in need that are otherwise not available.

We believe in allowing the needs of the individuals to dictate our projects, whether it be through providing essential goods, teaching daily skills, or rebuilding and equipping communities for the future.  By collaborating with local NGO’s in other nations, and recruiting locals to run our operations through Global Shout subdivisions in each nation with which we have a project, we are able to sustain long term projects globally.

The underlying goal of the organization is to empower people to become independent and counteract the root of the problem causing their suffering. We give a voice to the voiceless, so that they can carry on the work themselves and repair their communities over time.


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Hi. My name is Ali. I am an Afghan American Internal Medicine hospitalist doctor from Washington, DC. Approximately five years ago, I began feeling unsatisfied by the impact I was having on my patients. I worked hard for twelve hours a day, every day, with almost no days off, for many years, to try to save lives as best as I could. I found that no matter how much effort I put in, no matter what I did, the impact was minimal. Patients still got ill, and still passed away. I became disillusioned by the dichotomy of Western medicine, where illness had become a business.

This was not the medicine that Hippocrates had intended. For months, I wrapped my mind around finding better ways to help humanity on a bigger scale. I backpacked and volunteered as a physician in multiple third world countries with my own NGO, Global Shout, to find a greater purpose. All the while, I’d look around only to witness more violence, more hatred, more illnesses, more discrimination, more everything. The world was falling apart before our blind eyes. And I couldn’t take it. Enough was enough. I had to do something. So, I quit my job five years ago to travel indefinitely around the world in search of humanity and to figure out a grander way of world change.

Borderless experience Podcast