An eight part documentary series

"After traveling over land to the corners of every continent, it finally hit me that the answers I was looking for were never out there. They were always inside."
Ali Karim
ali karim
Doctor turned Investigative Journalist

episode 1: leaving america

An Afghan American doctor, Ali Karim, leaves his job and life behind two weeks after the election of Donald Trump, frustrated by a divided and nationalist United States, on a mission to educate Americans back home by filming and documenting the lives of those less fortunate and sharing their experiences straight from one living room to another across thousands of miles via social media. Along the way, Ali attends Fidel Castro’s funeral, an Indian wedding in Delhi, and ends up living with Buddhist monks in Asia on the beginning of his journey to discover humanity. 

Ali at Indian wedding
Ali with monk


Moving on in his journey, Ali arrives in the islands of Polynesia, uncovering the struggles of the indigenous populations of Timor Leste, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, the Aborigines of Australia, and the Maori of New Zealand. Uncovering the depth of their struggles, Ali serves as a physician seeing patients in their homes, before attending tribal councils and national elections rife with stories of struggle amidst rampant corruption and exploitation of the masses.

Maori People
Papa Newgui

Episode 3: North Korea

Entering the hermit kingdom of North Korea as one of the Last Americans before Donald Trump’s ban on tourists, Ali hears the surprising truth about the government from the citizens themselves, discussing topics scuh as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, and nuclear weapons, on a three day whirlwind tour around the country. Leaving the DPRK behind, Ali heads to their neighbor South Korea, where he meets up with North Korean defectors to get their opinions now that they have undergone re-education away from the Kim regime.

North Korean tour guide
North Korean soldier

Episodes 4 thru 8, the journey continues

  • Episode 4: Philippines – ‘The War with ISIS’
  • Episode 5: Afghanistan – ‘The Taliban: Before and After’
  • Episode 6: Myanmar/Bangladesh – ‘The Rohingya’
  • Episode 7: Nigeria – ‘Boko Haram and the Kidnapped Schoolgirls’
  • Episode 8: Return to America – ‘COVID, BLM, Trump/Biden, Afghan Refugees’
Trump Protest


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